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Photoacoustic Imaging and artificial intelligence-based theranostic approach for cancer

Unsolved Needs

Health programs crave for diagnostic imaging and eradication of chemoresistant neoplastic lesions smaller than 1 mm of size. PHIRE aims at bringing closer to market a novel high-resolution theranostic medical device effective in the clinical applications for lesions <1 mm, ready for application in human bladder cancer and effective both in male and female patients.

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Start date/End date

01-09-2023                                 31-08-2026

EU Contribution
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PHIRE aims

The adoption of PHIRE solution

in relevant environment, by providing:

An add-on module

for off-the shelf device allowing to perform photoacoustic imaging of hollow organs 

An Artificial Intelligence

for prediction map of image-guided gold
nanorods assisted photo-thermal therapy

Industrial scale-up

of urine-stable targeted gold nanorods
for clinical application


The PHIRE consortium

The PHIRE consortium follows a multicultural and multidisciplinary approach (urology, radiology, biology, nanotechnology, chemistry and mathematical modelling), bringing together scientists with a proven track record of >400 manuscripts.

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