• Funded by the Horizon Europe programme, under GA No. 101113193
The Phire Impact

The EFFECTS in different sectors

PHIRE solution provides imaging of bladder cancer lesions that at present are undetectable with conventional diagnostic imaging techniques, and thermal therapy equally effective in male and female that is unbiased by chemoresistance.

PHIRE's impact spans multiple sectors, such as:
Increase quality of life of patients, because drastic reduction of tumor relapse due to the identification and treatment of undetectable and chemoresistant bladder cancer lesions.
Social costs
Reduction of costs carry up by the national healthcare systems, due to the reduced number of surgeries, treatments and frequency of follow ups of patients.
Reduction of the amount of anticancer drugs and by-products and toxic waste from nuclear imaging techniques used to monitor for the therapies efficacy in wastewater, due to reduced number of patients requiring chemotherapy
Market segments
Increase the market of photoacoustic imaging, nanoparticles, cystoscope, endoscope.
Through open access publications, datasets and metadata, supervision of undergraduate and PhD students and contacts with stakeholders, innovators and scientists in other European consortia.