The European Association of Urology organises Europe’s biggest urological event, the 39th Annual EAU Congress (EAU24). We are glad to announce that PHIRE will be presented at the event thanks to the participation of the project’s coordinator, Dr. Massimo Alfano. 

The Congress will take place in Paris (France) from 5th to 8th April. It gathers specialists and affiliated medical professionals to critically evaluate clinical practices and important research advancements. EAU24 offers the newest science and education in different formats. There will be talks, live surgeries on video, hands-on training to improve skills, and practical courses. Have a look to the scientific programme here.

On Sunday 7th, Dr. Alfano will intervene to present the advancements in imaging-guided photothermal therapy for bladder cancer lesions smaller than 1 millimeter expressing marker of bladder CIS, a core element in the PHIRE project. His presentation will be part of an insightful panel dedicated to urothelial carcinoma and innovative theranostic strategies.