The 19th European Molecular Imaging Meeting will take place in Porto (Portugal) from March 12th to 15th. Boasting over 1000 international attendees, EMIM has undergone substantial growth while preserving its ethos of collaboration, inclusivity, and vibrant discourse. Organized by the European Society, this event promises a rich tapestry of cutting-edge science, serving as a dynamic platform for interdisciplinary exchange and partnership within the expansive realm of imaging science.

EMIM will address the forefront of morphological, functional, and molecular imaging across all scales, encompassing mass spectrometry, microscopy, and noninvasive imaging in both preclinical and exploratory clinical contexts. It will also spotlight innovative approaches to image-guided therapies and theranostics.

In these fields, EMIM will feature two different contributions from PHIRE’s project. Dr. Massimo Alfano and Dr. José Jithin will delve into their research on the “AI-assisted Photoacoustic Spectral Unmixing Algorithm for Micro to Macro Resolution Bladder Tumor Imaging.” Additionally, PHIRE’s team will present a paper addressing “Image-guided photothermal therapy for bladder cancer lesions expressing markers of bladder CIS”, a core part of PHIRE’s mission to reduce the frequency of the bladder tumor relapse.