• Funded by the Horizon Europe programme, under GA No. 101113193

The main purpose of the Board is to support the Consortium through the exchange of knowledge and of best practices and experiences in the implementation and use of technological developments. The involvement of the Board will be during the Consortium meetings that are foreseen one per year, approximately between July and September 2024, 2025, and 2026.  

The composition of the External Advisory board has been done considering the expertise in the following fields: 

  • tumour targeting;
  • representative of MedTech industries;

Laura Cerchia

Senior Researcher

Laura Cerchia is Senior Researcher and Group Leader at the Institute of Endocrinology and Experimental Oncology (IEOS) of the Italian National Research Council. She received her PhD from the University of Naples “Federico II” in Biochemical Sciences in 1997 and until 2000 she worked as post-Doc Research Fellow at the Department of Biological Chemistry (UNINA) focusing on the study of proteins and nucleic acids involved in the control of cellular homeostasis in thermophiles. Then, she moved at the IEOS focusing on the generation of nuclease-resistant RNA aptamers targeting cancer cells and their preclinical development as theranostics, therapeutics and delivery agents of drug-loaded nanoparticles to human cancers. Since 2007 she leads her own independent team in the frame of national and international research grants that she coordinates as Principal Investigator. She is member of the International Society on Aptamers. In 2018, she won the National Scientific Qualification to function as Full Professor of general and clinical pathology in Italian Universities. She has served on several national and international research program committees, and Editorial and Advisory Boards.

Guido Panfili

Electronic Engineer

Guido Panfili is an Electronic Engineer. He has always operated within the medical and healthcare realm, with a specific emphasis on clinical and product aspects. His career commenced in research within the telemonitoring field before transitioning to prominent Italian companies within the medical devices industry for over 10 years. Beginning in sales roles, Guido progressed to overseeing clinical and product marketing aspects.

His passion for innovation impelled him to broaden his expertise in areas such as remote monitoring, telemedicine, and the digital healthcare landscape, including more disruptive technologies like the integration of Artificial Intelligence in clinical practice and the healthcare market. This occurred during his tenure as a Business Developer for the healthcare market within a major Italian IT group. Guido consistently views innovation as a tool to enhance processes and final outcomes.