• Funded by the Horizon Europe programme, under GA No. 101113193
Where PHIRE comes from

The EDIT Project

The PHIRE project focuses on results generated by the European project EDIT (GA no. 801126October 1, 2018 – September 30, 2022) a multidisciplinary FET-Open (EIC Pathfinder called today) project funded under H2020. The project, composed by 9 international partners, has demonstrated the feasibility of an innovative strategy for the detection of bladder cancer lesions smaller than 1 mm combining newly developed targeted imaging technologies (high-resolution ultrasound elastography and photoacoustic imaging) on the bladder using plasmonic gold sensors for enhanced resolution.

Start date/End date

01-10-2018                                 30-09-2022

EU Contribution
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EDIT was selected from the European Commission to receive further supports in the form of trainings, for the participation to:
  • the FET2RIN meeting, a 3-way workshop to support FET projects (i.e., EDIT) to reach out investors and make a larger impact on society (5th edition – 2018/2019 Winter Edition)
  • the 15th edition of the EIC Innovation Training Workshop (11-12 May 2022)
  • the Horizon Results Booster grant (50.000 Euro) to undertake complementary activities to explore potential pathways for Portfolio Dissemination & Exploitation Strategy, Business Plan Development of EDIT KERs.

EDIT outcomes were selected as innovative by the European Commission’s Innovation Radar team for the following topics:

Moreover, the EDIT outcomes were also highlighted through a press release in CORDIS: “Pioneering technology delivers early cancer diagnosis and treatment” (10 February 2023).